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Strata Loan Funding Instead of Special Levies

Strata loans provide fast and flexible funding. Successful loans are approved within 48 hours, allowing you to begin works, and receive their benefits, immediately. Strata Loan funding is also highly flexible, enabling multiple drawdowns at no extra cost so that you only pay for what you use, when you use it.

Special levies often place onerous financial burdens on individual owners which lead to difficulties with raising funds. It is common for special levies to cause project delays, during which project inflation increases costs and the property deteriorates further.

Main positive factors:

  • The works can be completed immediately 

  • Investors can seek better rental returns and occupiers enjoy the benefits of living in the improved property 

  • The works are completed at today’s costs, and the property value is enhanced 

  • Once works are completed, property sales will likely benefit from higher prices or owners can refinance with their bank for a lower rate and pay back the strata loan.

  • Strata borrowing is particularly beneficial for investors – please refer to your tax adviser

You have the flexibility with each advance to specify:


  • Term of Advance (1 to 15 years)

  • Interest-Only Period (up to 2 years

  • Interest rate average 7.50% pa

  • Unsecured loan

  • Approval fee: $600 (No settlement, line, early termination and facility fees)

Warren has been able to expertly navigate through the process to ensure the project was approved and added maximum to each apartment.

- Paul


Personal Project
4 Silva Street Tamarama
Client Projects
Bondi, Tamarama and Bronte
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