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The Australian housing crisis pushes users to look for alternatives.

Is the Australian real estate market in crisis due to disruption in property demand/supply chain? Yes, certainly. The dual problem of an increase in demand for more accommodation and a decrease in available land for building more houses for the exploding population has pushed the property prices high across the country. In response to the crisis, experts are exploring the option of airspace development using new modular building technologies as a feasible solution.

A closer look at the problem & potential solutions

As per the Australia Bureau of Statistics, Australia's population projections suggest that the country’s population will rise from 24.6 million in 2017 to somewhere between 37.4 and 49.2 million people by 2066.

Caught up in the dire strait, government bodies, concerned authorities and developers have now started considering the alternative of building up structures over widespread transport networks, including railway tracks, running across the cities to best utilise the unused airspace and build affordable living spaces.

While traditional measures are playing their part, it’s through the novel concepts, such as airspace development that we can fix the demand-supply stress and thereby, bring stability to the real estate market.

Times when you are in the middle of a crisis, it’s best to consult a specialist. So, here we have Buy Airspace, a specialist in future-thinking airspace development.

Add vertical feet over a developed property with Buy Airspace

Buy Airspace enables smart construction over the top of constructed properties and buildings and helps people realise the potential of unused airspace. It brings to life the notion of erecting structures vertically with maximum utilisation of undeveloped airspace.

Considering the significance of the amount of time and capital invested in developing a building, Buy Airspace makes sure that all construction-related morns and regulations are duly met during airspace development. All approvals essential for the construction are sought to make the process seamless for the owners of the property.

Also, Buy Airspace undertakes requisite measures to check the eligibility of a property for rooftop or strata development. It includes verification of the strength of the roof and the overall building concrete material. This step is essential to check if the building is strong enough to bear the load of the new proposed construction and its occupancy.

Bottom line

To live through the present era when the world is recording soaring levels of population, pollution and costs, sustainable options such as airspace development is one of the most viable solutions to fulfil the demand for living spaces. It can be done using eco-friendly lightweight construction methods with minimum exploitation of land or other natural resources.

For more information, you may call Warren Livesey on 0415 254 420 or email

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