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Future-thinking Developers

ARAD is a prominent industry association dedicated to the advancement of rooftop and airspace development in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, NYC, and Canada. Comprised of industry leaders, ARAD fosters knowledge exchange and expertise sharing, advocating for elevated standards in rooftop and airspace projects.


This association serves as a platform for professionals in the field to collaborate on new ventures and learn from one another. ARAD's website is a comprehensive resource hub, providing industry news, research, and publications to ensure members are well-informed about the latest advancements.


ARAD's primary objective is to promote sustainable development in rooftops and airspace, upholding the utmost standards of safety, quality, and sustainability. By uniting experts across the industry, the association aims to drive innovation, establish best practices, and cultivate a community of dedicated professionals committed to advancing the field.


Whether you are a developer, designer, engineer, or another specialist in rooftop and airspace development, ARAD offers a valuable network of peers and resources to keep you at the forefront of the industry. 

Future-thinking Developers


ARAD’s objective is to create a group of members which are directly involved in the airspace and rooftop development sector, including but not limited to developers, solicitors, lenders and consultants. The benefits of membership are significant and beneficial to this growing sector. For more information on what membership entails, its benefits and how to become a member, follow the link below.


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About Airspace Development

Airspace development refers to the creation of new homes and shared rooftop areas in the ‘air-rights’ on top of existing buildings, usually one or two additional storeys.

By utilising the existing rooftops, a huge number of new homes can be built with minimal disruption to existing communities and the city skyline – an exciting prospect in a city where the supply of land and homes is limited.

Airspace development is also far more sustainable than the prevailing system for new-build housing.  Existing buildings are preserved and often enhanced in order to improve saleability.  Older buildings are given a new lease of life, rather than falling into disrepair or being demolished unnecessarily.

The development of technology, specifically with regard to materials and construction techniques, also means that airspace developments can now be produced with greater ease and cost efficiency.



Opportunity for strata buildings uplifts with undeveloped airspace:


Replace your existing, leaky, heavy concrete tile roofs with a modern green alternative:


- green roofs and walls City of Sydney

- skyport (Aviation hub) - Air travel - Uber Air

- hail, water and fire resistant 

 - solar to battery energy conversion

- rainwater collection capabilities / greywater filtration

Shared space uplift with the sale of airspace:

- uplift communal areas / green gardens

- electric vehicle car share and charging points

- priority car share parking 

- integrated bike parking & charging

- shared 'work from home area' - time share

- shared laundry facilities 

- shared package and post delivery area

- reduce waste by removing letter boxes (soft copy only)

- windows, lighting, fire protection uplift

- shared internet (one shared wireless system)

- shared heating/cooling systems (solar/air flow/water)



Repair, reuse, recycle are the three watchwords of sustainability,

and no other type of building project does this as effectively as

airspace developments.


Existing buildings have new life breathed into them, with new roofs, upgraded communal areas, as well as improved energy efficiency and safety features. These benefits come with minimal disruption due to innovative construction techniques.



Buildings that might have fallen into disrepair or been demolished are given a cash injection that brings them back up to date. Building above existing blocks means that green spaces are kept for the enjoyment of communities.



Airspace developments in Sydney benefit from the latest materials and construction techniques. Off-site construction – where safety standards, energy efficiency and cost efficiency are all higher – is used for much of the build. There is less waste and increased focus on recycling waste when using off-site construction techniques under factory conditions.

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